Stephanie's Tree Blossom Maternity Session - Springbank Gardens, London, Ontario

I had been wanted to do tree blossom photos for a few years but timing never worked out. So I got together with Laura from Laura Ferrari Makeup Artist and we decided to do a creative together. Laura is a Rockstar! No, seriously, she is. She is a mom of two and doing what she loves. Check her page out :) Here instagram page: CLICK HERE

When we put a model call out, we weren’t sure who would be interested. Honestly, after talking to A LOT of pregnant women they just don’t feel like photographing their pregnancy. I want to encourage them to DO IT! You are beautiful and your body is doing something amazing. I always like to say looking back your child can see the strength you had in carrying them.

Stephanie was one of the first emails I got and so happy we had the opportunity to work together. We met at Springbank Park here in London, Ontario. We walked around talking and taking picture. It kinda felt like an everyday thing lol. She let me know this was her second pregnancy and who would be able to tell! She was soo sweet and took direction really well. Stephanie also is on instagram sharing her stories of motherhood and family. Her instagram account is HERE.

Thank you Laura and Stephanie for helping me capture beautiful images.


Kelly's Maternity Session, Civic Gardens, London, Ontario

Kelly won a mini session give away from me a couple years ago, I captured her first maternity session in the fall and now I am excited to see she is expecting again.
Our session was to capture with tree blossoms but they were taking forever to blossom. Also, had to reschedule due to weather so we had to make due. I love how the images turned out and so happy to see their family growing!


M & J's Maternity Photo Session - London, Ontario Canada

I first met Marianne when she was a bridesmaid and then again when we had coffee to discuss photographing her wedding. I felt a connection and when I left that meeting I was like “please pick me!” I didn’t say that to her but was excited when her and Jeff let me know they wanted to hire me. Special moments mean so much and I am happy I’ve been capturing their journey.

This is their beach mini session done in Port Stanley, Ontario. It was perfect weather right before the busy summer began.

I can’t wait to meet the little one they have created!

 Beach Maternity Photo session - London, Ontario Canada

Coffee shop meeting turned photo session - London, Ontario, Canada

For the past few years April to October are some of my busy months through the year. This past April had the opportunity to meet up with another fellow photographer here in London, ON. Jennifer is the lovely lady behind Jennifer Squires Production. She makes soothing art for busy people. I love that she does this and she offers beautiful pieces of work.

During our hangout at 10Eighteen coffee shop, I asked her if she would mind if I took a few photos of her. Of course she said YES! I love capturing these images. Sometimes as a photographer people forget the planning and hard work that happens prior to us picking up our cameras. It’s nice to show that bit of the business from time to time.

 Coffee shop headshots and meeting with women entrepreneur